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Business Model

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Theatre Ideas Posts




Marching Orders

Post that finds an analogy for a national organization in the way that churches are founded in the US.


Marching Orders Part 2

Development of the concept of the >100K Project organization in terms of "radical welcome."


The New Tribalism and Theatre

First attempt to describe how Daniel Quinn's idea of the "occupational tribe" applied to theatre.


More on Tribalism

Continuing the thinking process.


Reactions to Tribalism Post



Get Yourself a Tribe

Description of the value of an occupational tribe.


And Then

Artists controlling ancillary income.


Model: Two Examples of "And Then"

Arlene Goldbard and the Circle Project serve as examples of artists using their talents to consult with individuals and institutions.


Example of a Tribal Theatre: Neo-Futurists

Daniel Quinn's description of the Chicago-based Neo-Futurists from his book Beyond Civilization.


Words from a Current Neo-Futurist

Bilal Dardai, a current Neo-Futurist ensemble member, respons to my questions about the company.


Money and Choice

The ramifications of making decentralization.


Thought Experiment #1

An attempt to consider other ways to make money than selling tickets.


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