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We are a nation of 50 states and 300 million people, and it is disastrous to have a single city serve as the clearing house for a national theatre. Regional theatres should cast regional artists, hire regional directors and designers, and be run by regional producers.




Theatre Ideas Posts


TCG and NEA, Google Map and Spreadsheet:

This post examines the geographic arrangement of TCG theatres throughout the United States. It also looks at the distribution of NEA theatre funds.


Fear of Falling Off the Map:

This post examines the fears associated with decentralization that must be abandoned in order to create a truly regional tribal theatre.


Mike Daisey Spells It Out:

This post links to a short segment from Mike Daisey's performance piece How Theatre Failed America.


On Cows, Pastures, and Theatre:

This post looks at the effect of decentralization on a theatre's mission statement.


Cost of Living Number Crunching

This post compares the cost of living in various cities in America, and conjectures about the effect on an artist's ability to undertake theatre work.


Population Density and Theatre

This post examines whether the arrangement of theatres across the US, as shown in "TCG and NEA, Google Map and Spreadsheet" above, is a reflection of population density.


Changing the Direction of the Wind

This post describes the absurdity of the current centralized regional theatre system.

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