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Theatre Ideas Posts


Theatre Education, Part 1: How We Got Here

First part in a series of posts by Tom Loughlin and me concerning theatre education.


Theatre Education 2.1, Addendum to Tom Loughlin

Focus: undergraduate education.


Theatre Education 2.2 -- Corporate Training

How theatre education fits in well with being trained to be a corporate flunky.


Theatre Education Part 3 -- Production

Examination of how the production program functions within the current educational system.


Theatre Education 4.1 -- Things We Do Well



Ken Robinson: Educating for Creativity

Discusses TED video by Sir Ken Robinson.


Fired Up? Ready to Go?

How artists can have a hand in changing the theatre education situation.


To MFA, or Not to MFA

An exploration of whether an investment in an MFA is worthwhile.


More on MFAs

Part Two.


My Last Word on MFAs...For Now



Theatre Education and Critical Thinking



One New Play

Tom Loughlin's idea about drama departments committing to doing one new play a year.


Actors, Gimme Your Money

A critique of the idea that professional actors need to constantly take acting classes in order to indicate their "seriousness."


As If I Need Another Platform

Link to "Theatre is Territyory" guest post on compliance education.


Intersection of Creativity and Inspiration

This post is discusses the example of a group of high school kids who built their own instruments from PVC pipe and performed their own music.






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