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Regionally-based tribal theatres should encourage the development of local aesthetics. Regional theatres should not be like malls -- the same no matter where you are in the country. The choice of plays, the artistic staff, and the experience itself should reflect the place where the theatre is based. The Era of Big Box McTheatre must end.



Theatre Ideas Posts



Model: Where to Locate Your Tribe.

A discussion of the basic reasons to choose a smaller town.


Fear of Falling Off the Map

This post (cross-listed in Decentralization) explores the attitudes that must be abandoned in order to truly commit to a regional, tribal theatre.


Why Pemanent Companies Increase Attendance

This post examines the positive effects on attendance from maintaining a permanent company composed of local artists.



This post examines evidence from other disciplines that audiences respond well to an ongoing relationship with artists.


You Want Some SLAW with That?

This post proposes an approach for educating audiences and enjoining them to persuade area regional theatres to high local actors instead of importing actors from Nylachi.



Articles Elsewhere


Marsha Norman Gets It Right

Playwright Marsha Norman: "If we wanted to do one single thing to improve the theatrical climate in America, we’d assign one playwright to every theater that has a resident acting company." Thanks, Isaac Butler at Parabasis.


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